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Posted:Hey Everyone,

I'm coming to melbourne around new years and was wanting to meet up with some people and set some things alight..

I've been spinning for about 7 - 8 years now.. haven't really posted in the forums.. so.. Hi everyone! biggrin

If there's anything happening in melbourne over new years, like 2nd - 6th I'd love to know about it..



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Posted:wow.. one post in five and a half years.. go me..

wait.. no.. now there's two.



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Posted:Hey Pyro,

Melbourne Twirlers mostly meet on Sunday or Wednesday nights most weeks, but I don't think anything's planned for New Years Eve - I'll be at a mate's place and most likely with a BAC too high to twirl fire, drive cars or walk in a straight line.

4 sleeps till Christmas! Whoo!



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Posted:hmm.. im yet to hear of any new years plans, besides people going to confest and woodford.. they're both valid options if you have the money smile


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Posted:Leaving for Falls tonight... Planning on having a burn there. Does that count?!

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Posted:frown maw clare! falls! good luck though, total [censored] fire bans last year.. im in london. and its [censored] COLD. and no-one wants to spin with me, and ive just been to oddballs this rad juggling shop, and i cant light boo on fire.
have a super one
you too petey



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