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Posted:Is it too early to make a new staff goals thread? Well maybe, but I'm going to press on regardless...

So goals for 2008 please! Itemised if ya wants... I like itemisation.

1) Get rid of job, travel world spinning staff. biggrin
2) make super tech duo doubles routine.
3) Now that my knee is better, get back to the acrobatics + staff.
4) Now that my knee is better, learn better movement, and how it works with staff. (Post-wiggling proto-dance)
5) Find some outrageous contact moves to learn, that I haven't thought of yet and learn them. (I couldn't have imagined myself doing a head roll steve at this time last year.)
6) Perform better.
7) Go to circus school, or devote 2/3 months entirely to training. (Whichever comes first)
8) Don't let my knee get injured again.
9) Find some more illusions, or visit Simian.
10) Make those two new routines I've been thinking about.

I reserve the right to change these goals in january... tongue You can also reserve your right.

Can't wait for Chrimborg P.R.E.S.S.I.E.S!

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Posted:Originally Posted By: squid
I gotta give Ms. Meg a big thanks for all the visual inspiration and tutorials I used this year. If it hadn't been for her and ssooo many like her, I'm not sure where I'd be with staff.

couldnt have put it better myself grin



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Posted:Originally Posted By: mcp
11) Be more like Wes Peden.

I may have to steal that goal from you.

This year I haven't learnt very much saddly, I have cleaned up some of my contact especially with doubles but have mainly been juggling so staff has lacked, I have learnt some new things but not really progressed with staff which saddens me, I'm still wanting to get a routine sorted out, I did make a couple over the summer but they were nothing special. I also really want to get around to making a video.
so I guesse I have the goals for the next 6 months being:

Learn more
Make a routine I'm happy with
Make a video thats I'm happy enough to show people
and be more like wes peden

UCOF "evolution: Poi -> stick -> hoops -> devil stick -> juggling club -> juggling ball -> crayons."

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:On second though I think I want to b more like karas, but a staff version.

UCOF "evolution: Poi -> stick -> hoops -> devil stick -> juggling club -> juggling ball -> crayons."

In other words, it's the thumps bump

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Posted:moar hip-thrusting MOAR I SAY!!
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Posted:be able to do everything i can smoothly without any awkwardness - most stuff is there but still lots i can improve

learn head stuff and more groundwork - little bit better at head stuff and been lazy with groundwork

nail fishtail waistwraps (instead of it just being a crappy btb pass) - nope stil too fat

more horizontal to vertical transitions round the neck - havent got many more but can do them more consistently

learn more ohno and convict stuff (espec headspin into ohno matrix) - nope nope been really rubbish with this

make all my doubles actually look smooth and nice - definitely getting there, smoother n smoother every spin

make some staffs to start juggling with - nope nope uber rubbish on this front.

for a new goal i need to make a staff video, and fill in all the gaps ive missed on my previous list

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Posted:Originally Posted By: LazyAngel

1) caged contact
2) continue trying to build up basic moves with style, rather than geeking out and trying to slap style in later
3) more doubles patterns with staight sides (explore squares and triangles more then head for hexagons)
4) get better at contact
5)learn how to do doubles contact without pausing mid flow
6)more cheese!
7)go to capoiera or yoga lessons, or preferably both (yeah right like I'm going to have time for that...)
8)improve footwork
9) practise throws

10) [disclaimer: in the event that i should manage to get through all the above] get started on 3 sticks

1)yep but not advanced much since BJC
2)nope still geeking
3)hmmm semi-win have got more doubles patterns with straight lines rather than sides, including some paired doubles stuff
4)yep have learnt more and started getting multiples of some of the harder moves (jesus/matrix)
6)yep, definitely
7)haven't been back to capoeira since I got tendonitis, but everything is getting better so its only a matter of time now
8) well, went to nick's bristol workshop, and this has given me some new ideas
9)definite win, been largely practising doubles throws and club juggling to get used to it
10) well, I cheated and had a play anyway tongue2

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Posted:new goal; scratch all the other ones...

...make some damned video, already...!!

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]


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Posted:so it's getting close to the new year mark... gonna have some resolution soon...

Where's everyone at?

I'll be away over the festive period... so feel free to reply before then...

"the now legendary" - Kaskade
"the still legendary" - Kaskade

I spunked in my friend's aquarium and the fish ate it. I love all fish. Especially the pink ones. They are my bitches. - Anon.


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Posted:Originally Posted By: bluecat

1) have solid 4 staff fountain
2) 10 catches, every time with 5 staffs, wall plane.
3) make a video with sebastian and meghan with lots of lego
4) learn lots of lego
5) learn how to use the wierd thing i built, properly.
6) make teaching thing
7) learn all the 4 staff stuff in LAB2 with someone
8) hold another Uber
9) see strugz
10) beat him over the head with a stick.
11) work on hyperlightstaffs
12) loads more dual fishtails
13) other stuff
14) and the big obvious one - write the new routine i have been meaning to do for about a year.

1: fail, but it's back on the agenda....
2: same
3: fail
4: 50%win
5: 50%win
6: 62 pages and counting. and a circus school teaching contract. win, i feel..
7: 8%win
8: total fail tongue2
9: Win, under miserable circumstances frown
10: managed to pay him to do it himself. serious win grin
11: fail. i wonder if jon still exists?
12: win. winwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwin
13: large win.
14: absolute, 100% perfect win.

now then. next year? lets see.....

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Posted:Originally Posted By: Learning_To_Cook
1) Make three sticks (or get someone else to make them for me wink ) 1 x 4' and 2 x 3'.
2) Use above sticks more.
3) Solidify the matrix.
4) learn lots of geometric, antispinny, isolatey doubles.
5) Foot fishtails, and make them look good.

Non-staff goals, but will help me out with stick:

1) Stretch at least four times a week, especially my legs and shoulders.
2) Learn some form of acrobatics, even if just some basic things like cartwheels.
3) Be able to hold both legs (but not at the same time) above waist height.
4) Get some weights, and build up my leg muscles again.
5) Improve balance and posture


1) Yeah, I'll go with a Win. Rob made me three lovely sticks grin but they're all 3 foot.
2)Mega win. well, I use them a lot more now that I have them, as opposed to before they were made. I set myself up for an epic win with those two goals, huh? grin
3)F*ck off. Can't you see I won the last two? no need to pay attention to this failure...
4)Mega Win grin
5) I'm gonna go with a 50% win. I understand them. and can do them mighty messily.


6)Um... I did this for a few weeks in the summer, then got bored. frown
7)fail. slacker.
8)Didn't you already see my fail at the previous two?
9) Weights? Ha! as if that was ever going to happen. I have gained some leg strength and flexibility though.
10)Balance improved. posture improved. I love dancing with mirrors. grin

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Posted:*walks shamefacedly into the thread* I dont think I did very well on staff goals this year...redface

play even more - technically achieved...except with poi not staff..
get a group together in perth - half achieved. Got a group (and business!) together in dundee.
learn and work on more advanced moves and be able to do them continually - erm... failed. I have hardly picked up my staff the second half of this year except to play about, but I have been working on it a bit when ive picked up staff redface
learn more doubles - fail
learn more footwork and acrobatics type stuff. - not so much footwork, but working on two person acro moves when i meet up with a certain friend..

so altogether..not so good. Roll on 2009 and picking up staff more often!

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