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Posted:wow, does my life ever run the extremes.

Today I had a baby thrown at me- and yes I caught her-- out the window of a burning bungalow ...

We were outside this restaurant at the bottom of the hill about to walk up to my place, just shooting the s--t with a woman there. Looked over, and my friend Nikki said, hey, whats the light over there, behind us? Vic said, must be a candle.. at the same time we all said, f---, that flame is too big for a candle!!!

Vic ran into the bungalow, and I was immediately after her... she yelled, fire, help, and we all started getting buckets of water. She went back in, then she realized a baby was under the mosquito net on fire,!!!!!!!!!! and reached in, pulled her out, and tossed her through the window at me as I came up with another bucket of water.

I caught her. She was as surprised as I was.

Yikes. poor baby.

Scary. We got the fire out fast, but it could have all gone up in a minute more. Thanks god we ( Vic, really, not me) saw her under there, cause the flaming net would have fallen onto her and the bedding in a second longer.The nets are that plastic kinda like nylon, and they burn right into you. Close call.

Standing there with a screaming baby, and a pounding heart, smell of smoke--- I realized how we are always at this fast fast fast brink between life and death.

At least I am so used to fire these days I was not afraid, and we all acted fast and appropriately.

Though I do find it alarming that so few people in these dry woven bungalows keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Sometimes in the dry season we dont even have water, so what the f do people think they are going to do?Spit on it? Fire is a major danger here, everything is built from bananna leaves palm fronds and wood. We burn candles, and use gas cansisters, and light inscense... Those places that have electricity have some pretty seriously sketchy wiring, and in monsoon things short... so we should be better prepared.

( Yes, I do have an extinguisher in my place. One of the first things I bought . I was actually criticized for doing so, and told I was" attracting negative energy" by planting the suggestion of a house fire. I told the person who said that they were censored in the head and had smoked too much weed. Get real. Being capable is posative, not negative. I mean for christs sake, fire is a reality, why not be able to handle it if you need to? how is that a bad thing? Freaking hippies...)


This baby is probably not old enough to remember this experience. Luckily. Why she was left alone in a room with a lit joss stick I dont know. Guess no one ever thinks it will happen to them. The memory of the fire I was in when little scared the crap out of me for years. It was an interesting feeling, now that I am finally over my fear of fire to have the opportunity to play a part in saving someone little from one...

Anyways, still full of adrenalin, and just wanted to say to you all, get a fire extinguisher.!!!!! Now!!!! Learn how to use it properly, so you are not struggling to read directions in the dark while panikking... Do it, I mean it, now. While you are at it, get a smoke alarm for your home, and check its batteries, and plan an exit route too...

And dont leave babies unattended in woven bungalows with lit anythings. Just don't.

And learn how to catch,who knows you may need it some strange day...




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Posted:Wow! well done Andrea, you're a hero hug

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Posted:Yikes, what a scary and amazing story! eek

Well done to the pair of you- I'm glad you were able to give it a happy ending.

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Posted:yeah good on you Andrea! hug I've seen a Thai Bar seriously burning in minutes, while people were in it! it took 40 people really working hard to get it out, and it was pretty damaged. If it had been low tide (Tonsai) it would have completely gone up - cuz there was no water supply...

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Posted:Its so quick. Its nice to know you can stay calm in those situations, eh? hug
What on earth did the parents say??

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Posted:The parents did not say a word to us, but man, the smile the mother gave me when I handed the babe back over was more eloquent than any words I can imagine.

I want to talk to them about fire safety, of course, but I think maybe the experience said it all and I would just be coming across as harsh critical if I do. Surely they learned? Did they?

Yeah, it was good we were all calm, just enough adrenalin to move fast, but still think fairly clearly. Although wy we all went for buckets and a sink instead of looking for a hose, I dont know. Maybe the sink was just more obvious. I never even thought of a hose til later, thats weird!

Pyrolific, thats the part of it that worries me. Here, too, bars have completely burned to the ground in minutes, homes too. yet no fire safety plans in place, not anywhere. Why?

Weird , eh?

Jo, ( Hi sweetheart!) my friends and I were talking last night, and thought about how strange that each of us has " saved" or been involved in at least one rescue over the last six months, some quite serious. Are you heroes? No, not how we see it. We came to the conclusion this is just a very " do it yourself" kinda place: no 911, no doctors on hand, no pet control folks, no ambulance or Fireman... so we all take on those roles when it happens. No heroes, just neighbors...

So, guess I better brush up on my CPR wink

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Posted:You're a hero, Andrea. hug


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