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Back, behind the back, or watch your heads.

Front, in the front, in front of, or look your hands.

Low, lower, or standing straight.

High, upper, above the body or bend your back.


Inspiration & base:

-72157600195440201 (Yuta)

-818022 (Simian)

-Cube fx.


Mirror thx mcp.

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Posted:I dont understand the placement of high. Wouldn't it be also overlapping a bit with both front and back? Like, Im thinking that the high should actually be the entire upper portion.

Back seems overly large, considering how difficult and restrictive movements are back there. To get into many behind the back situations, you transition through the high or low.

And when the heck did your posts start making sense to me?

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Posted:My way of doing it would be a cube divided into 4.

Low, high


And front and back.

I think....

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