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Posted:anyone know if there's swirling going on in greece? I spend a lot of time out here and am new to poi. I've noticed a couple of people are hop members out here but they live miles away from me. maybe someone knows of meets going on , please help me meet up and get some practice with other people.

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Posted:Far I know, there is Kimonas, teacher in Atheny city.

Otherwise, there are nice people in Lazy dayz.

In center close to Monastiraki metro station
(ask for dircetion).


Look for ,Orthos & Ellena, they'll help you.

Small group in Thesaloniki city,
I heared about too.





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Posted:thanks a lot I'll look into it. anyone know of any events happening in greece next year?



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Posted:'Kimonas' I thought the name sounded familar, I worked with him several years ago when I was delivering fire arts workshops and performing in the Agean Island of Salmos, he came in from Athens to perform with with the Agean University as I remember, there was a performing arts group on the Island of Salmos, very Very competent performers then, I can only imagine they have improved since.

I might still have some email addresses somewhere in my paperwork, would not imagine they are still live though.

This reminds me of Vassia, she was the one whom organised and was responsible for the whole operation, such fond memories, we all kind of lost contact sometime ago





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I will arrive in 15 april to Athina and i think that i will stay there to end of september. I'm looking guys who also planning to visit capital of Greece and make some street preformence juggle. I'm using only POI, and i think that i'm good with it. I can also learn some people.... I am open for any suggestion

I hope that I recive some replays

i wish U all nice day



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