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I have a problem frown

One of my cathedral heads of this poi set: cathedral poiset opend up.

So i want to ask if somebody knows how they are built up.
I was doing ttn (aktually i was learning it and smashed the heads together a few times) when suddenly one poi opened and some things flew away. Now im not sure if i found every part.

My mainquestion is: How is the screw fixet to the wick?

I think they will be built up by the use of this: screw

is the holder (i dont know if this is the right word. the thing that fixes the screw) hiden unter the wick?

Do i have to cut them open for fixing this problem?

sry for my bad englisch and thx for ur help biggrin

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Kombi guy
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Kombi guy

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Posted:Greetings, if you email me at HOP central in regards to the cathedral issues I will be able to help you out with this......

Chris Hobbs
Home of Poi
36a Sonter Road
Christchurch 8442
New Zealand

Hear from you soon

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Posted:The nuts for screw (eyebolt is the proper name) are beneither the bottom layer of wick. You can feel it through the wick.


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Posted:[insert smutty joke here] wink

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Posted:Lol shut up guy. :P


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Posted:Thx for ur help, but the problem has been solved by chris.

HOP rocks


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