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Posted:Upcoming poi workshops at the RAW Tempel in Berlin (U bahn Warschauer Strasse):

bounce Sat 1st December - "Thinking Outside the Circle"

-Introduction techniques and ideas to break up standard circular spinning.

-Make your spinning more visually interesting by using pendulums, 1.5s, stalls, lines, right angles, flats, floats, contact.

-A look at poi in terms of object manipulation as opposed to just fire spinning.

bounce2Sun 2nd December - "Throws and releases to and from everywhere"

-Basic throwing techniques and types.

-Throws and catching at various body positions.

-Throw combos and how to create your own.

-Finding the freedom that letting go allows you to have.

Workshops are aimed at intermediate to advanced but all levels are welcome

Each workshop is 3 hours long and costs 30, or 50 for both workshops.

Places are limited to 10 people per workshop.

Final times to be confirmed.

Hope to see ye there



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Simultanously: I won't be there. Har! biggrin hug

good luck!

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Any and all that can go - really, really should smile

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Posted:cool ronan i think you d be so happy
id love to be there your workshop are so amazing
see you soon


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Posted:why do u make mouth drooling workshops that i cant go to?!?!?
And why must u be so good?!?!? lol
hopefully ull come to the DJC smile

hope ur having fun over there anyway ubbrollsmile



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Posted:hey, ronan! lot's of goodlucks, wish I could come.

If you happen you get to NZ during the next year let me know!

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Posted:There you are! I was wondering what part of the world had the pleasure of your company right now...

Come to Thiland for January? Would love to have you teach here... Laughing for Life circus! Pm me...

Have fun in Berlin, and hi to all the lovely german spinning community!( tell them to come to Thailand too!)

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Posted:Hello all
Nice one for the greetings smile

Andrea hug unfortunately I'm staying in Europe this winter, send me some sun from warm places!

Anyone looking to book workshop places can pay online here:

p.s. possible rumours of poi workshops next February in Jonglier Katacomben, Berlin hug hug hug hug hug hug hug

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Posted:Hey Ronan,....

...wanna come to berlin again, but will decide spontaneously and let you know asap, hug

peace and love,

- Ho Sa -
kisses & peace & love to beautiful madges
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