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Posted:So it looks darned well possible that Hillary Clinton could be the next President of the United States of America.

I don't want to discuss the implications of that, or her policies, statements, or anything else.


If she is to be "Madam President," we've had a remarkable coup. We call the President's wife the First Lady. What were we going to call the President's husband? Well... we'd get to call him "Mr. President!"

What *DO* you call the husband of the President?

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Posted:I'd just call him Bill, personally..

Hmm.. along related lines.. among the Queen of England's odder titles is the Duke of Lancaster.. does that make prince Philip a duchess..?


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:Yeah, I'd call him Bill.
But if it's the First Lady, then why can't it be the First Man? ...woah that sounds like Adam and Eve...

I remember reading something about the French and how the language has genders, there's no word for a female president in their language (as opposed to the gender neutral term in English)

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Posted:can we call bill the first lady? smile


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Posted:Clintmaster Flex
or maybe
B to the I to the L to the Lizzle biggrin

I would imagine he'll be referred to as Bill/Former President Clinton to avoid confusion but I think first...something would be fitting, maybe gent/gentleman rather than man like lady is to woman? Maybe...

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Posted:loophole: won't he be "Mr President" anyway because he's an ex-prez and all ex-prezzes are called "Mr President" forever?


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Posted:Well traditionally a lady is married to a lord or a gentleman.

but First Lord comes off a bit suspect.

The First Gentleman of the USA is a bit better.

"First Husband" indicates the novelty of the situation as well...

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Posted:Top-Bitch gets my vote for Hilary's title - female equivalent of top-dog smile

Ctrl-V is right that all past presidents are still called "President" mind you (I know - I watch 24 wink )

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Posted:You could always call him, " Mr big boy" or "front ranker" or wait for it... wait for it...Billy!!! ubblol

Ok I admit it, that was stupid. Please don't hurt me ooooops

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