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Posted:Ok, im no way near being good enough to busk, but i was wondering how much london street performers get from acts like firestaff, poi etc.

Im mainly asking because a friend of mine made about 70 in a little over an hour the other day from a musical instrument performance - i think the idea of earning money whilst doing something you enjoy is something so so so amazing. And even more so if you are able to make those around you smile.

What kind of ability level would you say you have to be to busk with twirling?

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Posted:ok, a few threads should've come up when you posted this...

like this one

and this one

and this one

or this one

or this one

how not to busk

some information on pricing

some information on PLI (important if you want to firespin)

and whatever you do, make sure it's safe and you're covered

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Posted:Not sure what those thread links are - not gonna go through all of them
Fire is not possible in Covent - thats one of the reasons I dont work it. Ohter possibilities are around the London Eye
I guess you could try some Cafe/Bars - never done it myself - Dont really work London much
God luck though! and let us know how you do

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Posted:It's impossible to busk in London with fire... I certainly wouldn't suggest it at the London Eye Rob!

Any regular busking spot will usually be controlled by a licensing/local/town authority and it's *very* unlikely that they'll allow it on the street unsupervised etc...

Covent Garden performers have been known to make up to 500/hat. It's pretty rare though.


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