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Location: England, South Yorkshire
Member Since: 11th Dec 2006
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Posted:can someone tell me if it's possible to keep a butterfly hyperloop in split time, or do they ALWAYS knock each other into parallel time?

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Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
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Posted:Perfectly possible, my friend Eric can do them for some time. It's just a matter of practice. ubbrollsmile


Location: Norf London
Member Since: 14th Jun 2006
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Posted:Difficult, but can be done. I've been mucking around with doing these in horizontal plane, seems to work quite nicely...

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Posted:gotta remeber that thease babies go side to side, not up and down, getting in is tricky... bash at it!


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Member Since: 1st Nov 2007
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Posted:Oops, How to.




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Location: New Zealand
Member Since: 11th Apr 2003
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Posted:easy, do your regular in time butterfly tangle, keep it all the same, then lie down on a table, voila, from your perspective the tangle is now split time wink

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