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Posted:Hey, am trying the nunchuku thing (bruce lee style) i found on mcp or feuershow, but cant get the hang of it - should i be using my shoulders as contact or biceps - or even not touching either and merely passing under my arms to my other hand? ive been trying to get it right for ages and just cant stop it bouncing off my shoulderblades & becoming unsteady - ruining the flow. thanks for any comments. oh and to get good quick how many hours would you suggest a day/week - would like to perform over christmas & am still too underconfident to do so - i havent even set fire yet - thanks

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Posted:You just pass it under your arm in a nice verticle plane. When i do it sometimes it wraps my shoulder and other times it doesnt ever touch it, seems to just wrap the air. So if wrapping yer shoulder isnt working, try to add just a wee little toss to your waiting hand.


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Posted:Sorry what are you trying to learn? A shoulder bounce, or a shoulder pass?


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Posted:I try to practice for at least an hour a day, especially if I have a show coming up.

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