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Posted:hi. i have been learning poi for a couple of months now (i dont have much time to practice but ::meh::) and i'm getting really stuck on this one move i want to learn.
What it is, I can go from bk3bw to fw3bw but i just can't get it the other way round, from fw to bk. can someone help me please by explaining what to do? (without saying "it's the same, just backwards" would be nice too.)

thanks muchly.

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Posted:Ok... simple way to look at this is to watch your hands.

Spin the poi forwards... when the right hand comes to cross to the left side (your turning left), your right hand passes over the left yes?.. here is where you turn your body 180 degrees and now your spinning in reverse.. the same works here too, but your hand passes underneath, as your hand crosses, turn 180 degrees with it.

For turning in the opposite direction, you just need to cross when the other hand is crossing and turn to other way.

Hope that that helps you Danae.


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Posted:the videos on this site really help. also you could look at videos on the site poipoi.info.

just go slow, do each hand seperately to start out with and then put it together.

you should try to turn your body after the second beat (it works on either side, either direction). and on the third beat (facing opposite direction now) bring it to the other side to start the reverse weave

hope this helps. its a lot harder to explain something than to show it.


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