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Posted:Anyone know of anything like an anti burn paste/cream or gel that can be applied to the skin to prevent/reduce burns. E.g. Smear it all over your hand, dip the hand in fuel (being extremely selective of the fuel and having researched thoroughly) and then ignition - 'whoomph' your hand goes up. Pretty sure it can be done but not sure if can be done without gloves/suit. Anyone getting ideas about doing something silly like that - don't? I just wondered. smile eek

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Posted:wait...you want your hand on fire!? umm

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Posted:it's a stuntman cream, but off the top of my head i can't remember what it is called...

for anyone looking at this thread thinking what i was thinking, aloe vera gel is the original and best burn cream - i have seen with my own eyes serious burns disappear in 24 hours with this. (not saying this will happen all the time, or you shouldn't seek medical help, but it IS fantastic)

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Posted:Mate youre crazy thinking you should put ANY cream on flesh and get away with dipping your hand in fuel and igniting it!!!

eek frown

What are you wanting to achieve?

I am using an anti burn, heat resistant cream on the TV show im doing now - I can find out what it is - but it cost 200 and even thats not gonna do the job you want.

I say dont do it, unless youre either a stunt man or have an amazing plastic surgeon and great pain killers!!

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Posted:...not that I know of. There are better ways yo get that effect without actually dipping your hand in fuel and lighting up, though either way it'll get real hot, real fast, and you'll probably smell bad (burned hair is not a desireable smell).

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Posted:There's an understatement!

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Posted: Written by: Invader Xan

There's an understatement!

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Posted: Written by: xjere

(burned hair is not a desireable smell).

wel after a while u kinda get used to it..
btw i think the hairs on my arm have benn burned so much that they dont want to grow back.. =/


Posted:Ever see people in movies go up in flames? Cars through explosions? Guess that has certain appeal. One of the things about watching someone spin with fire is just that - they're spinning FIRE - it's a risk thing. To set your hand alight makes that risk a reality in the viewers eyes so it would finish off your twirling session in a very peachy way? The idea came to mind watching the COL2 DVD - some guy transfers a flame from lit end of staff to ignite the other end - with his hand? At least - it looked like that.

Just for record there's no expectation of ever setting hand alight. But ya never know...


Posted:...and I ALWAYS smell of burnt hair! lol eek


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Posted:Ah well the thing in col is a little different then. If you want to find out more try searching for trailing ,tracing , fire transfers or fire drawing.

But please find somebody experienced to teach you if you want to try it your self, Because it can be very dangerous

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Posted:Cheers Blueberry - appreciate the pointer smile In all seriousness I do myself enough damage doing basic poi stuff so think tracing, trailing, etc is a long way off. Nice though, wouldn't mind knowing how it was done so will look into it.


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Posted:I do the flame transfers with my staff, most of the time its no big deal but a couple times ive gotten too much fuel on my hands and got a minor burn ALL over my hand, so ya minor burn but lots of it, wasnt the best feeling in the world.


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