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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > what do i need to start me off???

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Location: southampton hampshire
Member Since: 8th Oct 2007
Total posts: 2
Posted:hello i have decided to try and learn the art of poi! what equipment do i need to buy to get started? any help would be appreciated thanks confused


Member Since: 23rd Sep 2007
Total posts: 1
Posted:I would say a nice pair of knee high socks, with either a tennis ball or rice in it. Then just tie a single, double, tripple (what ever your fancy) knot in the open end so you have something to hold onto.

It is cheap, and is actually my favorite thing to spin with.


Location: sur
Member Since: 15th Apr 2007
Total posts: 382
Posted:ditto on the above advice, with one addition. I found it much easier to teach people using heavier poi. The additional weight allows the poi to maintain its momentum at a slower speed. This gives you more time to react and make adjustments.

the downside being that it IS heavier, so clonking yourself can sting. But I, for example, like to use things like a 70gram juggling ball, a balloon filled with 90grams of soft filler material, 120grams of filler inside of a tennis ball, etc.

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Location: brighton
Member Since: 16th Jul 2005
Total posts: 5
Posted:yup long socks and tennis balls/beanbags/hacky sacks etc
you can also tie it so that you have a finger loop , some people prefer finger loops

Location: louisianna, new orleans
Member Since: 17th Oct 2007
Total posts: 44
Posted:i learned with glow sticks and shoestrings which are easy to come by and cheap the socks are good to but does not realy allow the cool light effect. which also helps correct your mistakes because it is more visual so u can see where you can make your moves smoother


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Perth
Member Since: 31st Mar 2003
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Posted:I found that having other lovely spinners around me makes spinning self fulfilling. I spin as the social aspect keeps me coming back as well as enjoying thespinning itself. See if there is a local meet and throw yourself at their mercy. Make contact first perhaps.

There are some short courses around as well and see if your toen has a circus club, otfen to be found at Universitys. Gives you a basis to work from.

I spin lots with that damned socks and make my own poi as the fancy takes me. Hop sells nice light cheap sock/cone poi that are ok with a tennis ball but some socks need more weight than that.

The lessons on here are great and there are some good DVDs out there too.

Happy spinning

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Lizzy hearts sunshine hoop
Location: midlands!
Member Since: 2nd Jul 2007
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Posted:scrap tennis balls - they actually hurt quite a bit i think. try good quality juggling balls. then they have a nice weight, will be durable, and also dont hurt unless your spinning stupidly fast smile

if i could be a busy busy bee...


Location: sur
Member Since: 15th Apr 2007
Total posts: 382
Posted:that depends on where you hit yourself.

"to a man whose only tool is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail." Abraham Maslow


Member Since: 19th Dec 2007
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Posted:i started with knee high socks and some rice. and i attached some homemade tails onto the ends.

now i just ordered my first set of fire poi yyayyy i am so excited biggrin

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