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Posted:Hello fellow hoppers ... fire, water - as we're all surfers at heart I would like to ask you for your help.

Munichs famous surfwave at the Eisbach river in the heart of the city, the birthplace of riversurfing some 30 years ago, is up for destruction from burocrats.

We have started a online petition for the preservation of wave and surfing in Munich 2 weeks ago, which already 3600 folks from around the globe have signed. This number has promted the city council to call a meeting with surfers before taking any action.

So odds are 50/50 now and in this cliffhanger your voice counts too ! wherever on this planet you roam , as Munich is a tourist city and as Munich wants to apply for host of Winter Olympics 2012 and is hence very interested in its international image.

You can sign the online petition and find background info in English under:

Save the Eisbach Wave in Munich

Please take your time to sign it and then let your friends stand up against it too and you shall receive eternal karma and a free beer from Munichs river surfer when you come to see us.

Thank you.

See us rip and rock in motion:

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