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Posted:So Last night I was practicing in my yard, I was using my LED Poi and I noticed that cars were slowing down as they went by. I didn't think anything of it at first. Why should I? shrug Next thing I know a SUV drives by, Stops in the road and then backs up. eek

I get somewhat embarassed because I am not use to the attention but I figure, "well, I better make this a good practice session." So I start doing more complicated tricks for them but still trying to perfect my moves. The whole time I am working on my moves, not once did I hear, "What are you doing? or What is that?" It was nice to have people watching me that admired what I was doing and not being nosy neighbors. weavesmiley

After 20 minutes they said, "Thanks for the Show" and drove off. It was an awesome feeling I got. ubblove ubbrollsmile So I do believe I finally got my first taste of an audience and I liked it biggrin

So has anyone else had someone or a group stop, watch what you were doing and help make you decide performing was what you wanted to do?


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Posted:Me and my friends practice at a park sometimes, so we get walkers/bladers/skaters that go by all the time, Sometimes we will get a "whoa thats cool" or something but ive never had any one watch me for that long. musta been pretty cool.


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Posted:I guess I am swinging better then I thought ubblol

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Posted:I remember when I was in medical school, I was practicing in front of my apartment and all of a sudden, I saw the mother of the child who lived above me go into her room and wake her up to watch what I was doing.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:We travel up to our home town every month for a get together with the twirlers up there. We play need a surf club and beach. We always random people walking past stop, pull up a piece of grass and be entertained for as long as they like then just wander off to enjoy the rest of there night.
Often wonder whether we should leave a hat out to collect loose change. Could be a good money spinner some nights. biggrin

:admires giant wooden aeroplane: Its about time trees were good for something, instead of just standing their like jerks!!! ubblol ubbtickled

Homer rocks!!!! ubblol ubbrollsmile


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Posted:every summer i go to the beach for 2 weeks vacation. my place is half a block off the beach, so i always go down at night to practice on the beach. i've gotten huge groups of people stopping to watch for awhile, and i've gotten rounds of applause several times ubblol it's always a trip when that happens too, i never know what to say or do ubblol

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Posted:One of the last times I got to goto a club (yes I know common place to see poi But) I had only been spinning for like a month and I wasn't that great but I was getting photon glowsticks out as I was walking past this little group of ppl. They where all like "Come On Lets see what you Got!" So I was like "Ok" and got infront of them and got all my photons on and just something clicked and i was going off!! lol. When I was done I had all these ppl just surrounding me and they where clapping and coming up to me to shake my hand telling me "That was Awesome" stuff like that.

God I can't wait to go back to some clubs...(im in Afghanistan right now thats why i can't lol)


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Posted:I only ever seem to attract annoying drunks when I spin.. Maybe I'm doing it in the wrong places.


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:Sometimes I get the feeling people over here feel like they have to pay if they stop to watch me spinning, I practice in a park and when people walk by they always keep their eyes on me but when they notice i noticed them watching me they often look away and always keep on walking... I've had an applause once though and a couple of times some children came up to me and most of the time they want to try it too.

Posted:I think its awesome that we have gotten audiences out of just practicing.

I was at it again last night but I was messing around with my fire poi. I was just doing simple circles so I could get use to the sound of them (I find the sound on fire poi very intimidating). A couple neighbors stopped to watch me. I didnt do anything impressive since I am not sure of myself when it comes to fire but what I did do they loved.

I chatted with them and grabbed my LED Poi. I then started swinging all the complicated tricks I was working on. All I heard were ooos and ahhhs and I beamed with a smile.

They of course asked me why I didnt spin like that with fire and I told them I wasnt ready to spin fire like this. For now its simple moves to help protect myself. smile

It was a great time!


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Posted: Written by: AnueBunnie

They of course asked me why I didnt spin like that with fire and I told them I wasnt ready to spin fire like this.

lol see i get asked why i spin like i do when it IS on fire.....people think we're crazy.


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Posted:A few weekends ago I was out practicing my glow poi in a grassy area of my aparetment complex's parking lot. I had a few young teenagers who saw what I was doing and came over to ask what it was and how they could learn (I sent them here. Hopefully they actually came and looked around). They went a little ways away and sat to watch while they hung out.

And then a couple of people came out and had some little kids, like maybe 3-5 yrs old with them. And they were just fascinated. And then some more people with little kids showed up and they stood around for a while. It was great. The parents were saying to the kids "What's she DOING? Look what she's doing!" It was just the most PRECIOUS thing! I got a real kick out of it and kept going for about a half-hour longer than I'd intended to be out. I'd actually been about to head in when people started watching.

Weird thing is that I enjoyed that so much...I normally hate kids. I mean, NOT a maternal bone in this body! I think they smell bad and are irritating and just a right royal pain. I didn't even like kids when I was one. I annoyed myself. But these kids were at that "age of wonder" where they're really small and shy around people and there's so much they haven't seen before and they really just soak in something new... I got a major kick out of it and it had me floating for a couple of days. Because they kind of let you see what you're doing from the outside, they're just so open with their faces, you know? I just really enjoyed that.

It was one of those spontaneous life moments that kind of stick with you.

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