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Posted:I would like to commission a picture, It would take a moderate amount of know how. Please Let me know if your up for the challenge.....i miss photoshop frown


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Chinups and photoshop le sigh ..but you live sooo far away. Will worship you from afar.

Will keep you in mind next time I need something instead of swearing mightily and getting substandard rubbish

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Posted:Hmmm... Because this looks like fun.. maybe a continuation of the 'give me a...' thread is in order. If A request turns into a game, it really shouldn't be in the help thread anymore.


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Posted:"Gimme a..." is not the same ... Hence this thread should be renamed into "Photoshop-tennis"... and be relocated... I reckon

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Posted:Lurch is also my new hero.

Great work on the badger henman tennis biggrin


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Posted: Written by: Poje

I was wanting to make a picture of a moose with firey antlers and filtered kinda so he's red ya know (Elusive bearded fire moose). Unfortunatly my trial is up and i cant get a crack for it. Thanks for trying PK but apparently i have CS3. Let me know if any of you wanna take this project on for me smile

if u need a key to try for CS3 i have one that was given to me from my college, it might work its a code the school bought for all the students majoring in DID (digital imaging and design). need to find where i wrote it down on and if u want it just send me a message and i will send it u, if it works let me know and i can send it to anyone else that may need it.

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Posted:That's most likely illegal... but I didn't see nothin
Non-Https Image Link

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Posted: Written by: Lurch

That's most likely illegal... but I didn't see nothin
Non-Https Image Link

ur probably right but the school gave out CS3 free for the students and is just handing out the codes for free might as well pass on the love. LOL

do poi spinners exist in west texas?

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Posted:My advice?

Let people PM you for it, or ask them to send you an email incase you might want to email them something or nothing in particular.

That way, harder to get busted, innit?

And then HoP won't get sued either. Bonus.


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Posted:Lurch - clap clap clap great work on the moose avatar - it's excellent!

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