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Posted:tonight was a pretty crazy night...

My name's Ken, I live in Dublin (Ireland) and I had a firespinning gig set up with my mates at a club called Pravda. smile

We were spinning for an hour, one friend playing a djembe while my friend and I took turns spinning with poi and staff. Everything was sweet, everyone was impressed, the club was packed as we had attracted so many people on the street. Great night...

Until, I go inside. I had purchased a set of the jailhouse foxy sock poi (an absolute pleasure to spin with biggrin, takes a while to get used to the way they stretch though, but sexy all the same) and a set of beamers ( eek).

I love Home of Poi, I placed an order on Thursday and received my poi the following Tuesday, from around the world, The tutorials rock, the forum, the whole ethos of the site(/community). It all rocks, so don't take me up the wrong way. I personaly think Beamers were spawned by Satan.

One of them cracked during an airwrap, I thought, hey, okay I was a bit rough with them, who cares, it still works although the light was really dim, no biggie.

So after the fireshow, I agreed to spin with the beamers inside on stage for a while.

I'm on a stage and everything was going great, I was pulling off every trick I was trying, I was 'in the flow'. All until this jackass that was blind drunk is falling towards the stage as I'm doing a corkscrew. I pull back so as to avoid smacking him in the head with the beamer...

And break by two front teeth. eek

Now it was very painful for about ten minutes but it was mainly the embarressment that got to me redface. I have the parts of my teeth and will pray to God that my medical card will cover getting them fixed. confused

I laughed it off after I had calmed down and still managed to have a great night, but seriously guys, watch out with the beamers. I had given myself a few little bruises with them, no real hassle, there is a big red warning on the product page, and it was an exception circumstance. But just for God's sake be careful :P

*I'll post a picture of the teeth for the craic when my mate takes it from his camera... I've got pirate chic {^_^} !*

This has nothing to do with HoP really, it's not that their product is bad, they do point out they're for experienced spinners, I just thought I'd share my experience.

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Posted: Written by: ferrous

 Written by: georgemc

The Beaming ball is responsible for at least one week long stuck-in-a-hospital-in-a-coma that we know of...

you are kidding, right? eek

No - deadly serious. A young lady in Brazil (if I am recalling correctly) contacted us after her stay in hospital and suggested we upgrade the warning we had on the site with the product description...

Written by: Doc Lightning talking about Marmite in Kichi's Intro thread

I have several large jars of the stuff. I actually like it... a little. And don't tell anyone I admitted to it.


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Posted:well arn't we glad that that is all sorted
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May my balls of fire set your balls on fire devil


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Posted:just for the record, I got my teeth fixed around 2/3 months ago. For free, medical card FTW! {^_^}


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