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Posted:Article in Canadian media

Basically what it says is that

 Written by: CBC news

the non-binding declaration, which sets out global human rights standards for indigenous populations, was easily approved Thursday by the UN General Assembly in New York with only Canada, New Zealand, the United States and Australia dissenting. Eleven countries abstained.

Article 26 of the UN declaration states: Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.

McNee said the provision is overly broad, unclear and capable of a wide variety of interpretations that could lead to the reopening of previously settled land claims and existing treaties.

What do you think?

Personally this is an issue that affects the "new world" more than the "old world". Personally I think that native tribes should at least get compensated for the loss of their land and receive a fair share of the profits, drawn from their land, but then I am not much affected by this...

I personally think that it IS an embarrassment to the governments of dissenting countries, as many of them stand in front row when it comes to criticise and point their finger at human rights violations. It appears as if this is only the case as long as they are not affected.

There are shades of grey in this, no doubt.

Please keep in mind that this is a sensitive topic. If you decide to step into it and participate in the discussion, please keep it as friendly and on topic as possible.

If you take (personal) offence in certain wordings, please verify whether it was meant as an (personal) insult BEFORE you then NOTIFY either the person, the mods or myself. Please do NOT respond in the (same) way and derail the thread.

It is clearly an online discussion and therefore wordings can get misunderstood - bear that in mind. Overly sarcastic or ironic posts might hurt somebody elses feelings - especially if not CLEARLY marked as such ( [ironic:] ....)

Also if you decide to participate, please don't just throw words of mouth at us, but try to enable us to verify (by posting supporting links) - excluded is personal experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read this smile

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Posted:Well to all.

Have we not made it clear, that giving money is NOT helping in the long run? Sure "adopt a child" or drop spare change into a beggars hat is easy (and NGO's sometimes are nothing but an online beggar - some of them even working more into their own pockets than helping those in need). Sure government institutions and actions are taking away the need to act - that's exactly what they are for.

What about going to the grocery and buy food and water and donate that? In this context, groceries and water also stand for love and compassion, education and healthcare. Anything BUT money.

Having said this, it's a difficult balance between "I feel guilty for what my ancestors have done to your ancestors" and "I got taught in school and by the media that you're a drunken, lazy scumbag"... both will only cause resentment and trigger anything but the desired effect.

Reconsidering my approach on land, it is not only: "Here have it back" - as long as they have lost connection to it. Lurch, you may not have heard about Aboriginal trails that are disrupted by fenced farms. I would guess that returning the ability to walk their old traditional ways and compensate farmers would be one right thing to do.

Stand up against bullying of native ppl. stand up against racism - not necessarily in an aggressive manner, this will only tighten the screw. If you read an article that is full of prejudice, write to the editor. Write to the government and make Howard say "sorry" (god forbid that he's going to run for another term). Communicate to your friends and neighbors how you feel and especially: communicate with the natives.

How many aboriginal friends, or acquaintances do YOU have? Do YOU know the history of YOUR country (from the perspective of a native)? Have YOU sat with them around a campfire and listened to the elders?

How can you really claim to be an *fill in nationality*, if you missed out on this important part of the heritage?

Personally I promote to any German to visit Dachau or another concentration camp. It's an experience, I can tell you. Putting money in a box, is like just looking at pictures of Dachau. You have to have been there to get at least a dash of an idea. I had the chance to talk to my grandmother about the 3rd Reich and to get first hand information what it was like.

Remember: by the time of your (grand)parents, apartheid was still in effect. It not about accusations, it's about confronting yourself with the truth. Looking into the past will change the present.

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Posted:Thanks natasqi, great research. The only other organisation that comes to mind is the Fred Hollows Foundation. I had a look at World Vision, and found Australian Indigenous Programs.

I though their Indigenous Public Policy Paper No 2: A Treaty. in Policy and Reports was interesting.

World Vision Australias Position. Does Australia need a Treatywith its Indigenous Peoples?

Australia is the only major former British colony in the world never to have negotiated a treaty with its Indigenous inhabitants. As a result, Indigenous Australians have never had a binding legal document to fall back on in order to assert their rights or to challenge the actions of governments. World Vision Australia: believes that a treaty between the Federal Government and Indigenous Australians needs to be negotiated to prevent Indigenous rights being eroded; believes that a treaty would bring Australia into line with other countries such as New Zealand, Canada and the United States; encourages open and honest debate that would lead to a better understanding of the need for a treaty between Indigenous Australians and the Federal Government; supports a treaty under circumstances where a basic framework agreement is proposed by a broad section of Indigenous Australians.

May you do extremely well in your exams.

For FireTom, Partner Indigenous Australians through Linking Hands to help build healthier indigenous communities wink

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Posted:""NGO's sometimes are nothing but an online beggar - some of them even working more into their own pockets than helping those in need""
Eeek... strong statement.

Yes there have been some cases where funds have gone astray, etc etc.
But most NGOs have huge policies on where donations etc go.
and to people who think "Oh, but 10% goes to administration fees.."
Well, I can relate my experiences working to get an aid organisation started from scratch and you DO need this 10% to admin... though we have that 10% through other sources.. not donations or sponsorship.

I'm not sure petitions and letters to the govt work... I'd like to think they do, with the number of petitions I've signed and letters I've written about various things...
But being realistic.. I doubt the PM's opinion is changed by letters. Experts and opinion polls I think rule in Canberra.

But voting and being INFORMED.. voting is your greatest tool.

And Fred Hollows - yeah, we did a fundraiser for them.. brilliant work, very inspiring guy.. I just can't bear eye surgery.. I can do anything to any other part of the body.. but eyes.. ikk me.




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Posted:You're right - it's a very harsh statement and the situation with NGO's has certainly improved in the past. Yet...

It's a shame that these organisations need private funding in the first place. It's a shame that these conditions exist in the first place... We should not need NGO's. Because this is one important thing that governments are elected for.

Certainly one letter is not going to make a difference (b ut I signed anyway, as I hope it does). I reckon my signature under the petition for Burma is not going to make a difference. But paying attention to the topic, reading into the background, the history, researching into the status quo - to rephrase as you nicely put it, Nat:

"being informed and let this knowledge effect your vote is one of the greatest tools that you have!"

And still, a vote might be just the same as a coin in the hat, if that knowledge does not reflect through all what you are, in your attitude and your daily life.

I tell you, it sucks. Don't go there. Ignorance indeed is bliss. I try it on a daily basis, not as sweet as it used to be wink

And Stone, thanks for the article about the treaty... As I know it, Germany has still no treaty with the allies... 50 years only... (offtopic)

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