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Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
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Posted:Well I got myself a new toy... and it's so immensely beautiful that it will kill some of my spinning time.

But let's start at the beginning. Last year that dRedlocked dude, named Danny came to Goa and had a Hang in his possession. Not only that, but he played it (very well) and I was mesmerized...

You dunno what a "Hang" is? We'll come to that later.

So on my return to Munich, I go into the park and meet this young lady, also having a "Hang" and I think to myself: "Dude, what a "coincidence"...." I ask her where to get it and she tells me: "Well, that won't be easy. Check on the net for yourself, but the conditions are like this and that."

Hearing what is required to get a "Hang" I was almost fainting, checked the net later and found out she was right. Those people are nice people, but also ubbloco No way I am going to put up with that.

So I call her up and she makes me a contact. And now I have no "Hang" but a "Caisa" - which does the job nicely.

I'm an apprentice, but hey - practice makes the master... looking forward to show anyone coming to Goa this season and am thralled to play along with "HangMasterDanny"

Oh, almost forgot:

This is a "Hang" -


And this is a "Caisa" -


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Location: Manchester
Member Since: 7th Mar 2005
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Posted:WOW! Thats so beautiful! Almost like a backward steel drum! Thats something I'm going to have to keep my eye on!

Edit, those link to the same video by the way

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Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
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Posted:Thanks hun - I've been to busy denying YouTube putting cookies on my lap smile and yupp, it's basically a reverse steel drum smile glad u like it
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Location: Canberra
Member Since: 11th Feb 2002
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Posted:Cool. I think i saw a guy at the national folk festival with one of those or some thing like that.

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The Misguided Oracle

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Location: Brisvegas
Member Since: 31st Aug 2005
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Posted:that Hang drum sounds sweet!

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Location: Europe,Scotland,Both
Member Since: 5th Nov 2001
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Posted:I hate thease things, they are ok for a while but after a couple of hours the pentatonic scale really grates.

tho i thing you might be able to get non pentatonic ones now.


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Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
Total posts: 6650
Posted:what a strong wording for such a sweet instrument... wink I agree with you, Nx? on the pentatonic thingy (but "couple of hours" may have at least two or three zeros' behind the number, at least for me) - initially I've been after a chromatic one, but couldn't get one in time (unfortly)...

Next year it might be right - in the meantime I bliss out on pentatonics... It's just the sound itself that mesmerizes me.

It is so chilling...

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Location: Epsom, Surrey, England
Member Since: 23rd Sep 2001
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Posted:Mmmmmmmm... I played with...er... Jay's I think it was at UberParis... Lushness.
I don't think i'd ever buy one based on price/time and also as Nx says, it is a bit limited in it's tonal range after a few years. Live it gets drowned out very easily, but for chilling with some beats they're sexy.

I think i'll just borrow everyone elses smile

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Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
Total posts: 6650
Posted:I'll let you play mine, if you make it to Goa this season *wiggles eyebrows* wink

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Member Since: 23rd Feb 2005
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Posted:Oh wow! That's really cool! I've never seen one before.

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Member Since: 2nd Jul 2007
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Posted:aaaw. its so pretty. i could listen to that all day.

if i could be a busy busy bee...


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Member Since: 4th Nov 2005
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Member Since: 18th Oct 2007
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Posted:Hi FireTom,

I'm interested in how you find the Caisa, I have one (in Pentatonic F) but can't really find much about them and your the first person I've found other than Caisa Bill.

There's apparently another instrument coming out from a different company which is supposedly like the hang but we'll have to wait and see on that one.


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Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Member Since: 10th Jan 2001
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Posted:I met a guy in Thailand that had two Hangs, I think one was in treble and one bass, he played both. He also used a kick and did a variety of other things to produce 'tribal trance' or some such thing. sounded pretty nice. I think Meenik and co would know him, he played at the bar nearest to Pai play camp.


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Member Since: 4th Oct 2007
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Posted:That was beautiful!!



Member Since: 20th Sep 2003
Total posts: 6650
Posted:LLLL You can reach CaisaBill via his YouTube account... well, if he's checking I suppose... rolleyes

Other than that, PM me and I will send you Nadines number - she's the one who I got my Caisa from.

Another company doing Hang/Caisas? That'll be very interesting!

Playing two of them at the same time... wow sounds awesome redface currently I am working on getting ONE full tune on my single one ubblol

Anyone has some key combination/ notation for a Pentatonic F?

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

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