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Posted:i am from a small town and i get called wierd, craZ, a druggie because i spin poi! not to mention i get the cops called on me any time i spin in town. i mean sh*t like a week and a half ago i almost go put in jail because they said i was high on drugs and "try'n to get my KICKS by seeing lights" i am new to spinning and it sucks when people in small towns are not open to new stuff and don't give anything a try. how should i deal with all the crap?

do poi spinners exist in west texas?

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Posted: Written by: texashoney07

i am in college and i have no yard to spin, what i did try was going to the local high school and talk to the flag team coach, i figured if they might be open to being the first school in West Texas to learn poi, at least then everyone in town would get off my ass. the coach said she would call me back but still hasn't.

Actually, I do know a guy (yes, a guy) who got onto a cheerleading squad as a poi spinner. smile

 Written by: texashoney07

everyone thinks i am such a weirdo but its kool cause it just makes me unique...i would hate to be normal.

Good for you! biggrin

"Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art."
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