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Posted:There has been a crash at Phuket Airport in Thailand- I know lots of Hoppers have been travelling to Thailand and am concerned- is anyone we know out there/ travelling there recently??

Helpline for the UK is:

0207 0080000

Its obviously very tragic whether friends are involved or not frown

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Posted:My auntie came back from Thailand about a week prior to this occurring. While I'm thankful she was not on the flight, I feel for those who are on that flight or who are connected in some way to those onboard frown



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Posted:Scared the crap out of me.So many friends that travel between phuket and bangkok on a regular basis, hard to make sure everyone okay.

I am travelling right now, and had thought about flying... as it was the train we were booked on was derailed( crashed of the tracks) , and we had to get smuggled on a random bus in the middle of the night to get here- bangkok...

So many people sad and worried. Quite heartbreaking, really.

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