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Posted:If the move is already existing in the library of poi moves and if under a section "Beginners part 1", "Beginners part 2", "Beginners Throws", then it will be classed as Beginner (not advanced).

We do not want to get hung up about what is a beginner, intermediate or advanced move. As something easy for one person may be classed as advanced by someone else.

Moving existing threads into this forum

Older members have new ability to move threads. At very bottom of page there is a "Manage this thread" option.

- Move this thread, allows the thread to be moved

- Join to lesson, allows the thread to be listed as a reference in the library.

About the Library

Previously known as "free lessons"

This is the place for sharing information. Some users can upload and edit much that same as the discussion board. Sort of like a simple Wiki system.

It is still "Beta" and will be changed/improved as time goes by.

Most of the articles in the "Articles" section of the site will be migrated over to the Library.

When someone tries to start a new thread in the forums a search is completed that searches the forums and now the Library.

We want the library to be the first place to go for information.

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Posted:i like this idea.


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Posted:Should already active forums in the beginners section that are more relevant in the advanced folder be moved or restarted?

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Posted:They will be moved in time smile