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Posted:I've done a lot of hand sewing in my time, never thought I'd get hurt like this. I wrapped the running end of my thread around my fingers to pull a stitch tight and yanked. From the immediate pain, I knew this was a bad idea. While the skin didn't break, the pain didn't subside for a few days and then only to be replaced by tingling. Now, a few weeks later, the tip of my pinky finger is still not quite right, mild tingling, decreased sensitivity. While the nerve damage wasn't enough to be debilitating, it seems worthy of mention. Now I wrap my thread around a piece of bone, to tighten my stitches.


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Posted:That is very interesting
Do you think it was beacuse the thread pulled tight around the tip of your finger or do you think it was some of the small fibers sticking in that caused the pain?

Good to know any way.

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Kevlar thread hasn't caused me an injury yet, but it's surprised me before.

Gotta be careful with that stuff... It's completely inelastic and weight for weight, it has a higher tensile strength than tempered steel. smile

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Posted:hehe, i did this (to a lesser extent) yesterday.. it didnt feel so fun frown


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Posted:I'm not familiar with the feeling despite the amount of kevlar thread that I've been thru, tho I would belive that it could hurt kinda like dental floss (that stuff is evil).

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