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Posted:Whilst I was spinning LED wands tonight, one hit my wrist and snapped in half! The batteries flew out so i decided to look for them on the grass. I turned my phone light on and searched for them. After I found 3 out of the 4 batteries i realised something.

Sony Ericsson K750i phone poi!!! Its been dropped on concrete many times, recharges and holds a charge for at least 4 days. This would give around 30 minutes (i reckon) of phone light time.

It weighs in at a nice 100grams and can be had on ebay for 40 or so. Wrap a clump of bubble wrap around each on with some sort of modification to activate the light and your sorted. *Also useful as a phone when not spinning*! (Any good phone with light will do)

As seen here (just imagine 2)

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Posted:Man, that's insane! ubblol And surprisingly effective...

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Posted:i love the fact that aswell as being a nice bright to spion with, its also a directional light, ie it doesnt just glow, it shines on things. makes a really trippy effect

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Posted:Or you can buy two mini book lights. The batteries last longer, MUCH cheaper, and don't look that bad either. Phones arn't meant for lighting ^_^.

Because of the fixed direction lighting, it really doesn't look as good as it could. It has its own charm, but meh.

I taped together two, constantly on, photon's facing away from each other (key chain LED's), and it looks sweet. Try it out.

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