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Gandhi Ganjamaster


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Posted:nena and Kim #Wilde have a new video out. Nostalgia.!
The song's kinda cute (seem to remember it from many years ago) and in the video
there's poi and staff spinners. Dreadlocks. And it's all dark
all these spinners in a dark basement and no fire UUgh

Anyways, anyone seen it ?
Anyone in it?


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Posted:If I remember correctly, some people turned up to the spinning meet in Spitalfields a while ago looking for spinners to be in that video.

However, I'm obviously not photogenic enough, they didn't speak to me at all.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


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Posted:runs in to give bovril a big hug


"To be an angel, one need not have wings.
In giving love there is an equal grace.
Nor need one seek the aura in the face,
As love unveils the beauty of all things."

*Francois Couperin.


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