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Bought monkey fists from HOP and had a number of successful spins over a period of a few weeks. After recent spin, when I went to put them back in a pail to soak (Coleman white gas) I discovered now each has a small, round indentation..oh about the size of a pea. What happened? At one point during the spin one poi blew out and so I "tapped" it against the still-lit poi and resumed my spin. Surely that's going to happen. I can't imagine what a short life these have if this is normal. Advice? eek

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My fists have been going for months now outlasting, and outshining all other poi I spin next to.

Sounds a bit strange, maybe you should contact sales to see what they say. Take some photos of the holes you're talking about.

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What do you mean it has a small round indentation? A dent in the wicking? A hole? I don't understand. If you wick isnt fraying or coming loose, it should be fine.

As for the wick blowing out, it didn't 'blow out'. Sometimes what happens is the wick travels up into the fire such that a vacuum is created around it and the fire is actually kind of SUCKED out. This can happen with any style of wick and does not mean your wicks are broken or damaged.

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