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Posted:So after my move next year, I'm considering a car trip through Oregon for the sheer, unadulterated hell of being on the West Coast with lots of time on my hands.

Who here is from Oregon? Where should I check out in the late fall/early winter? (Yes, I know summer is better, but I'm spending that in San Francisco preparing for Burning Man and you aren't talking me out of a single hour of it! ubblol) Who am I visiting? Who has sofas I can crash?

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Hello! I'm totally new here.. hooray! So I can't tell you much about anything. But at fourth of July there's usually some spinners in Ashland. Yes. Good spinners, from my laymen's point of view. They might even be here on HOP, but I have no idea who they are.

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faith enfire

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Posted:Suiborn is in Portland, right?

Nay, whatever comes one hour was sunlit and the most high gods may not make boast of any better thing than to have watched that hour as it passed


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