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Posted:SO, this fellow i've been seeing is looking to go to Eire for maybe 10 days, prob in October (cold+rainy=cheaper), and is looking for ideas on where to go and what to do. He's into music, pubs, some into theatre, and general history/scenery. He's more interested in getting a thorough experience of one area than in a mad scamper across the whole place. All i was able to offer is that, myself, i'd go to Newgrange. Since i seem to recall we have some Eirish spinners here, i thought i'd troll for suggestions on where to go/what to do/how to get the experience of Eire rather than just the tourist traps.
Anyone? Anyone?
Thanks, y'all!

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Posted:A couple of years ago my boyfriend and I explored the South West coastline which is beautiful. We were based in Cork but travelled through Bandon,Clonakilty,Rosscarbery,Skibbereen and up to Bantry Bay.The scenery is amazing and there are a few stone circles dotted about (Drombeg being the nicest,I think).Oh,and we visited Blarney Castle which IS touristy but it's just something you have to do whilst you're in Eire - it's actually very impressive and the grounds are very naturey and spiritual - there's even a dolmen there. Hmm, your man won't have any trouble finding traditional lively pubs either as they're EVERYWHERE! Well,I hope that's helped...

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Posted:Well, my fave place is Galway. Galway City is well more of a small town than a city and there is a fabulous atmosphere around the place. Its a university town and a tourist town as well.

Not sure about fire spinners in Ireland but if you contact the garda station in (I think Mill St?), you can ask them about permits for busking with fire on the streets. Galway is very street performance friendly.

Galway City is the gateway to some of the most beautiful and rugged countryside in Ireland. I spent all my summers at the Gaeltacht (Irish school) in Connemara. Connemara is a short drive from the city. You can drive through Spideal, out to Carraroe, where you are entering the Gaeltacht. There is a great restaurant called 'An Cistin' in Carraroe (although I have not ate there in about 12 years, my cousin who is married to the boss says it is still good ), and LOADS of pubs serving nyummy velvety guinness, hot ports and whiskeys, perfect for a cold autumns day.

One of my favourite parts of Connemara is Litir Mor. I lived in a lovely rural area called Tra Bhain (White beach). It is stunning.

The Burren is also a short trip from Galway, it is beautiful in its barrenness, with equisite flora and fauna and it is a joy for geologists. The Ailwee Caves are a nice place to visit while you are visting the burren. They are not as impressive as the Marble Arch Caves in Fermanagh, but there are still some very pretty stalegmites and stalegtites for your phallic pleasure

Other places worth visiting are indeed Cork and Kerry. If you go to Kerry, go to Dingle!

County Mayo is where my family comes from. I would recommend visiting the Ceide Fields , less famous than Newgrange, it is imho more impressive place to visit, and the drive along the cliffs by the Ceide Fields is one of those experiences that makes you marvel at the beauty of the world. Mayo is also surrounded with barren beauty, different to Galway, yet similarily inspiring.

My advice is to visit the West. If you are flying in to Dublin, sure hang out for a night there. Dublin is a beautiful little City also, although sadly the people there seem to have lost their identity

I hope you have a wonderful experience.

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Posted:A follow on to Kats post :

Grew up in galway myself, tis definitly one of the cooler cities in Ireland. As far as fire spinners go. THE SPANISH ARCH is where the fire heads hang out in Galway. It's on the Quay very hard to miss. Ask anyone. Clare is also pretty cool if you are into caves, cliffs and generally pretty looking things.

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