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Posted:This is a little rant, but here goes...

My paper boy leaves my gate open after delivering the paper (not ideal when you've got a 2 year old running around), crosses my garden and jumps over my fence to carry on his round, despite my asking him not to.

Since I dreaded my hair I've taken to wearing headscarves. If I wore a baseball cap or a beanie I'd probably get away with it, but passing kids say things like 'you a Pakki?' to which my response is always 'you a racist?'.

Not only am I concerned about their blatant ignorance (which is a thread for another time), but also the fact that when I was their age I wasn't exactly an but I'd never have dreamed of doing the above.

Is it just me being an old fart (I'm really fishing for insults here aren't I ) or is there something going wrong somewhere down the line?

"I thought you are man, but
you are nice woman.



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