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Posted:Hey, just wondering if anyone can recommend a website to buy a decent glow staff from. Ive looked round various websites that sell them, but its not the same as getting an actual recommendation.

Anyways, thanks all

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Posted:The hop shop doesn't seem to stock glow staff right now, maybe an administrator might know a little more.

homeofpoi shop has endless recommendations for all of it's products from not only it's members but from the general public, I'm sure that you will be able to see for yourself.

Unless your looking for products such as aerotech then you will have to go and look at the manufacturers website itself.


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Posted:I come from Walkaway.

I have dodgy glostaffs so I cant help you shrug

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Posted:hey check it out endorsed but nik from back some products by co check them out they are amazing they have nice staffs



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Posted:or you could have a look at the new glow staffs in the HoP shop

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Posted:has any one gotten one of these yet? Look nice but the price changed my mind. i WISH i had 400$ for a staff. frown


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Posted:I got a replica Darth Maul lightsabre, so I have a 7' red glow staff smile

Unfortunately the knobbly bits of replica switches and stuff really hurt when you're spinning it, and 7' long gets kinda restrictive.. frown

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