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Posted:is there a legal age for doing fire poi in the US??? my cousin wants to try it but hes sixteen so i dont know confused

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Posted:That really depends on where you live. I've been spinning since i was sixteen, but it could be different where you live. In my experience most authorities don't really have a clue what fire spinning is, much less have an age restriction on it. Talk to your local law enforcement and see what they say. They may have an age-limit on street performances, but other than that i don't think they would have one. Ugh that was a really disorganized post.

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Posted:I don't believe that any locality has passed a legal age on the use of fire or fire performance.

Pyrotechnics is a different thing.

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Posted:I started at 13. :P


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Posted:It falls under the same guidelines as taking your kid skydiving or rock climbing. Look into your local laws for that.

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