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Posted:hey hey. just wondering if anyone knows any good sites to buy poi parts from. i starteed looking but was unindated with rubbish

i saw some triple (funkymonky smiles and imagines the potential) wicked heads but cant seem to find them..... any ideas ?????

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Posted:er.. this one Malcolm's shop is pretty comprehensive and sells a miriad of parts that with a little imagination you'd be able to make what you wanted.. hey why stop at triples?? Go for quads!

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Posted:Depending on how your um... equipment... is made , I'd recommend maybe a local hardware store. Dunno what they have where you're from, but we do all our shopping at just regular old Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc whenever we need to replace small components.

For larger things (like a completely new piece of equipment) we generally would order from the HoP Shop.

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Posted:Have you tried bearclaw? I think they do multi-heads, but only ickle ones.. got a funny name like 'pumpkins', I think

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