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Posted:Hello wonderous people of Oz...

As of 18th of September shall be making my way towards your part of the southern hemisphere for an 8month visit (and a long-needed break from the UK)

Main reason is to visit all you lovely people down there for major spinn-age and working for a living to keep me there as long as possible.

My main concrete plans are Melbourne Juggling Convention in er... Melbourne... and Common Ground in Adelaide. Otherwise it's pretty much a tumbleweed's life for me until May. I plan to visit at least Sydney and Brisbane (and that common tourist trap Alice Springs)

As far as I know I will be staying with Pineapple Pete from MJC till Common Ground.

If anyone has any other events I may be interested or if anyone can accommodate me whilst on my travels do let me know.

Hope to see you guys down there!

Peace Out xx

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Posted:And it's so so so good to have him back biggrin sunny

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