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Posted:So I'm having a VERY hard time to get my hands to work. Like with the more advanced weaves.... my hands just don't want to follow eachother. Is there anything I can do about this, or should I just go to staffs instead? :-(

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Posted:Well there are a few things that I've always done when I've had difficulty getting my hands to work.
Try figuring it out with clubs (for some moves this is way impractical, but for others it works brilliantly) or sticks if clubs are unavailable (short sticks, not a staff)
Try working it out with one hand holding a sock or string or whatever, and one hand just going through the motions without the sock/string/small animal, and switch hands till you figure out the exact path each sockstringanimal is going.
Watch videos where the move is used (There is a lesson section that is very, very helpful however there is a wonderful website called youtube where you will generally find many more video where the move is used).
Do a "search" and see if anyone else has had problems with this move, and how they overcame them.
But most of all- PRACTICE. It took me about 10 hours of solid practicing before i finally understood what my hands were supposed to be doing fr the waist wrap, but in the end, if you can envision your animalsockstring dong it, you can eventually do it with enough work.

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Posted:sorry bro there are no shortcuts

It just takes practice and a lot of it (and some helpfull advice now and then).

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Posted:Believe it or not, I saw this brilliant movie called "Beverly Hills Ninja" starring Chris Farley, a physical-comic genuis. In the movie he does a three beat weave with two swords. It was a week after seeing the movie that I discovered poi. I learned the three beat weave within a few short minutes.

My point is..

Try learning it with something like jugging clubs so your hands learn, then recognize what you're doing. I find that it helps you much more. And you might want to pick up "Beverly Hills Ninja" biggrin

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