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Posted:I was having a pretty crap day today. I was walking to a local shopping centre for lunch, during which my mp3 decided to stop working. As I was leaving, I decided to save money by not taking the bus; it then started raining AND my umbrella blew away.

After I get home, my cd player doesn't work and after a short practise my poi decide to tangle. After I get really annoyed at them, and pretty much everything else, I feel a fuzzy object at my hand. Turns out it's my 7 year old golden retriever who's decided to come cheer me up.

After playing with her for a while, I'm feeling much better! So I'm wondering who else has an awesome pet?


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Posted:I have brought a vivarium and heat mat etc and I'm looking for a Corn or King snatch hatchling or preferably a yearling ... but I can't find any local breeders! *Sulks*

He'd be my best friend. *Pouts*

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Posted: Written by: poje

i got a fat black lab named Lylee. She is the sweetest thing, alway listens and never complains....wish all women were like her.

U wish all women were fat and black? wink

I had a great cat when i was a kid. Once we left the house and forgot to let him outside, when we came back we found something in the toilet, such a bright cat he was although he didn't know how to flush... ubblol

anyway one day he got ran over by some motorcycles and he wasn't totally dead yet but we were sure he couldn't survive. My dad had to kill him with a shovel, i stil remember that day as one of the saddest ones in my life...


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Posted:My family used to have a black and white cat named Blackie. He was a kitten when we found him, a cat had a litter in the ivy in our back yard and we took one. So instinctivly he was an outdoor cat that we turned indoor, so he would always try and sneak out the door to do some exploring. well one day he got out and he wasnt back by the next morning, which was really weird. it was about another dsay that went by and he still hadnt come back. We were leaving to go somewhere dont remember where but it was a long drive, about halfway there the car starts acting funny so my dad pulled into a gas station to have them look at it. Inside they found blackie who was covered in grease/oil curled up and shaking, i dont know if he got stuck in there or just decided it would be better then jumping out of this spot but he was alive and uninjured. i swear that cat went thru at LEAST 15 lives.


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