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brodiemanold hand
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Location: london

Love my job (nurse) hate doing nights. anyone else on nights atm or just want to give me a hug to feel better

MikeGinnyGOLD Member
HOP Mad Doctor
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I'm not on an overnight tonight. Gotta work 8a-8p tomorrow, tho. In the ER.

Brodie, remember, your patients appreciate it. biggrin


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Take a laptop and meet me at Thrallmar biggrin

darkness-beforeGOLD Member
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hug bounce2 bounce bounce2 Yay I got to hug the Nurse! wink biggrin

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I'm currently employed as a senior healthcare professional within a residential unit on night shift, while working towards a doctorate in clinical psychology.


drofkcahSILVER Member
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Location: Derby UK

im doing nights, but nothing medical, just packing chocolates ready for x-mas

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Rgds Drofkcah

brodiemanold hand
1,024 posts
Location: london

cool! am still on nights.. day off tomorow ucof so see you in outlands!!

Rouge DragonBRONZE Member
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I work nights. But I'm a bartender so it's kinda different.

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