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Posted:After doing a short course in circus arts with circikernow me and a m8 are hoping 2 start out a weekly "club" thing, with teaching circus skills as the basis for the club being (basic acrobats,spinning,?juggling?,balance, and posibly aerial if we get a safe circus space, we a hoping 2 get in an old circus space near penryn rugby club, with a high roof smile
But the main idea of the club is 2 have a collective group of people basicly hoping to exchange any specialist skills, I personaly would be hoping 2 teach and exchange poi but everyone who has shown interest so far will bring their own skills to the group.

Anyway, if any1 is interested just say and we are hoping to be up and running some time in the next 2 months.


is it me or does nothing realy matter?

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Posted:yo, i now live in truro. i'm up for a bit of teaching poi and juggling if you like.