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Posted:Hey I just made a purchase and my HoP points are not coming up can someone tell me what is happening??? frown

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Posted:mm, dunno, maybe it only gets updated when the products ship?

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Posted:yea thats what i was thinking but i ordered it like 2 days ago. Well might as well just live with it


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Posted:Details as taken from Here

"How many HOP points will I get when I make a purchase?

You will see the number of HOP points you will earn when viewing the items in your shopping cart.

You then gain those HOP points on the following Sunday after those goods have been shipped."

Hope that was what you were after smile

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Posted:Thanks Mr Basstones - beat me to it! hug

Yes, the HoP point calculations are done the same time as the referral dollars on each Sunday.

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Posted:oh ok thanks guys I was getting kinda mad guess I need to look harder next time oh and this is dolphinboy its just my dad made a whole new account to make the purchase ^_^