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Posted:Whats everyones beer or drink of choice. I'm pretty new to beer drinking. I just turned 21 at the end of last year (12-29) and i hvane never really liked beer until i took a trip to colorado a few months before my birthday. there we went to the New Belgium brewery and the Coors brewery and man was i turned on to beer.

My favorite beers include: Killians Red, 1554, Fat Tire (on occasion), Guiness, and this local beer brewed by Four Peakscalled Kilt Lifter. I tried Red Stripe recently because i remembered those amazing commercials they had and always wanted to try it, must say, not bad at all.

Of course my first drink i ever enjoyed and is still my favorite is a nice cold Black & Tan, it's simple Guiness over Bass but i for the life of me cannot not pour it so it comes out right frown.

i wanted to be cool so i added links

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