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Posted:any tips?
ive been trying for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages and i just cant seem to get it!
also what about thread the needle? any tips on that? help thankx

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Posted:I recomended to lean buttefly low wave first. Here you go:

The hands are in in position of cradle, pointing your palm

This move is easier to lean by parts. Try to spin BTB
with you left, than with your right.

Remember that the hands are sligtly crossed each other
during the move.







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Posted:One hand at time was the only way I could get it too...after many many bruised butt cheeks!
I also tried getting the wrist action right without a poi before I went inwith both.

Hope this helps
Mako ubbrollsmile

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Posted:I must be a freak coz I just put my hands behind my back and got it more or less straight away.

Tho I will say it helps if you are doing a reverse butterfly

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Posted:I found my own way to do that but not sure if it helps anyone else. I start doing a normal butterfly, then put both hands at the level of my shoulders so that they draw "wings" behind my back, and then slowly lower them, at the same time drawing them together. This seems to be quite a helpful intermediate move.

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Posted:the way i learned thread needle was by pushing one arm forward and bringing the other back, i find moving my armswhen the poi heads are almost at the top of (invisible) circle works better.
i duno if that makes any sense?lol
watch lots of videos and watch the the arms and wrists


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