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Posted:Now that Mr Eera and I have been married for the best part of 5 months, we've finally gotten around to booking our honeymoon. Anyway, we're in NZ for 3 weeks, and everyone I've mentioned it to has said "woo, it's expensive."

I have a friend who usually lives in Queenstown who has said that you have to shop at the local shops, for local people, otherwise you end up paying twice as much, but helpfully has buggered off to the northern hemisphere for the winter.

So my question to you lovely NZ guys, is it really that expensive on the South Island if you avoid the most touristy things (is it avoidable while skiing in Queenstown at all?), and where on earth are the local shops?

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Posted:Whoooo, go to the bar I used to work at, the Dux de Lux, we brew our own beer and it's the best beer EVER!!!!

Qtwn is a stunning place and you'll both love NZ

Congrats on the wedding

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Posted:congrats on the wedding

Qtwn is probably the most exspensive place to visit.
Taupo and Aukland can also be a bit pricey.
Otherwise prices arn't too bad.

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