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Posted:On the 9th june (which happens to be the day after my birthday!), I did a little performance at a fate in my village. I only got a days notice, so no time to plan a routine. I had a 15 minute slot to fill up between a few events. I decieded to start small and build up. So is started with unlit firestaff, then I moved on to unlit nunchucks. Then I did lit firestaff, then lit chucks. It turned out pretty well, because I got some comments back, and people said they liked it without fire, and then when I lit them up, they we amazed!

The video isn't very good quality. As all you firespinners know, fire on equipment is hard to see at the best of times, but when it's the hottest day for a year, at midday, on a dodgy camera, it's almost impossible to see. Still, imagine you can see it most of the time. I only got the end of the nunchucks, but I got the whole staff routine. Here are the videos:




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Posted:Cool beans smile

Personally, I'd like to see a bit more movement (or poncing) - especially with the 'chucks. You can get away with a lot of faux-ninja (or even real martial arts) movement with chucks which adds a lot to the overall performance.

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Posted:Posing is obligatory. wink Costume is also fun.
Well done.

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Posted:Yeah, I always light up ready to do that kinda stuff, but kinda forget to when i'm actually spinning... biggrin


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Posted:yes Costume !!! nice smile


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