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Posted:hmmm, anybody won the lottery today? umm

July 7th 2007...

Day of the Blue Solar Eagle

Day of the High Priest

What is happening?

Will 07/07/07 be your lucky day?

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Posted:Seven is a time for change though, isn't it...?
(which I suppose is always good, but can bring pain as well)

Eight, on the other hand... is eternal, and carries much good energy with it...

The Beijing Olympics will begin at 8pm on 8/8/8.

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Posted:excellent, ill be watching/there, anybody going to do fire tonight? i might do, or something else to mark occasion, something to do with 7ns...

any ideas?

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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Posted:CLARE! You is a superposter! How on earth did you manage...?

Me had a pretty okay jester day... Hope all of you had too sunny

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


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Posted:Mine went really well - been trying to find a bike for months but am 'vertically challenged' so it's been really dificult (ie most bikes are made for average men not average women and I can't even manage average woman size frown )

But on Saturday I found a bike I'd not previously considered, had a test ride and loved it - woohoo! So now I can really do some searching for the right one at the right price biggrin It's such a relief!

Go 7's! ubblol

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