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Posted:This isn't actually a link to an existing video, but a request to anyone in the Manchester area interested in taking part in one.

Next month I'll be shooting a parkour video around Manchester and would like to include some element of poi in it too. Basically, the video will follow 2 traceurs (that's the name for people who do parkour) as they navigate through the environment, creating their own path over and around obstacles. If possible, I would like to shoot at least part of it in the evening. The low light levels could be a good opportunity to incorporate some fire! Whilst this won't be the main focus of the video, I'd definitely like to make a point of giving it some screen time. With this in mind, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in taking part? I'll be shooting in HD, probably in around a month from now.

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Posted:you should just film at one of the manc meets at gasworks. check the events section n there is a massive thread on it!freerunning is mint man commend anyone who does it smile look forward to seeing or being part of ya film smile


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