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Name: Walrus

Tool: Caida's Walrus


Walrus, project in visualization of Poi terminoligy. After B-comlex,

I've decided need of 3D visualization, that will bring a bright look

on Poi terms and how they interact.

Every yellow dot represent a term. Same like there is a Figure of

8 before Weave, I've created upon this a directiry tree with files

and simbolic linking (the grey lines). The linking represent the de-

finition the usualy contain different terms.

Well I've builded a core directory tree, then add links and created

3D graph with Walrus tool.


It helps to understand how which term is used, it also shows the

progress of certain areas of spinning.

Mirror thx mcp.

like Poi in one head,



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Posted:At this point, NYC would usually say: "Geekiest thread EVER!"

Richee.. I must say, I totally adore the use of the word "Walrus".

Other than that, I like the picture.

and the concept and idea, even if it is a bit abstract/ bizarre.

I ubblove you Richee smile

Its interesting to see a Poi 'tree' of how everything fits together, and where it branches off/ out.


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