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  Posted: hi, I just heard on the news that there are floods in north england now, and I hope everyone's ok, and that it gets better soon.

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  Posted:Yeah, Glade was messy as hell. I had so much fun! My and my other half narrowly avoided being camped in a river of mud near ID Spiral, by about 5 feet. I was planning on going straight to Play too, but I needed time off to clean up.

It was rather amusing to see the Joe Bananas Festival survival solutions stall still functioning and selling wellies to people, despite the river of muck running through the bottom of their tent. Overall the vibe was brilliant, everyone pulled together and made the most of it. big hugs to everyone who went!

It was an incredibly lucky escape from the car park though, I got stuck in mud twice, and very nearly had to get towed. My car wasn't happy at all. Apparently there was an 8 hour queue for the tractors... Ouch.

Here's to better weather at Play! beerchug

[edit] Birgit, just read your post above. Spot on, and well said.

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