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Member Since: 15th Jun 2007
Total posts: 2
Posted:i am new here an i wanna met somebody in dublin i will be in dublin for few days and i really want to practice poi with dublin fire dancers please for quick respond or mail for some dublin firedancers,
best regards


resident fridge magnet
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Member Since: 3rd Oct 2002
Total posts: 835
Posted:Hiya, go here
and you'll find loaaaaaads of Dublin spinners.
Have fun! wave

everyone's unique except me

Location: Ireland, Dublin, Clondalkin
Member Since: 12th Nov 2011
Total posts: 1
Posted:hi im new to poi but i live in the clondalkin area smile and wondering if anyone around clondalkin knows poi and want to practice or whatevet just let meh know

facebook: ciarandaffy@hotmail.co.uk

Sophie Pants
Location: Ireland, Dublin.
Member Since: 16th Sep 2012
Total posts: 2
Posted:Hey dude so i guess I found you...I think were the only people in Clondalkin that do poi...you better some out soon for another sessshiiooon grin

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