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Posted:Ry I hope I havent duplicated it, but here it is , the thread I can post everything up on . We are getting married officially around late June 2007 with the ceromony schedualled for 7pm Sa 11/8/2007 Sebeto, Nadi, Fiji. There is a picure in the gallery and someone can put up the link as I am out of time now.
By for now, Adrian


Gromit's Humble Squire
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Posted:No wurries!. I'll congratulate you here! ubblol

Congratulations!! biggrin beerchug ubbrollsmile

Who'dve thunk it! ubbloco


Gromit's Humble Squire
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

water based
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Posted:congrats adrian.. all the best biggrin


"you know there are no trophys for doing silly things in real life yeah pete?" said ant "you wont get a 'listened to ride of the valkyries all the way to vietnam' trophy"

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Posted:I don't know you, but awwwwwwwww ubblove

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