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Posted:Okay, so I was at a fire spinning drum jam last night. There were some pretty good spinners there one thing I noticed is that they all stayed with one thing, be it either poi or staff or whatever. Do any of you see this pretty often? I do all kinds of things with fire, I'm not the best with everything but I can hold my own out there with almost any given fire spinner regaurdless of what they're doing.

I was just wondering because I found it odd that someone would limit theirselves buy doing only one thing.

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pineapple pete
pineapple pete

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Posted:i guess it all comes down to personal choice. some people are more than happy to just stick with one thing. some people may enjoy being proficient at whatever strikes their fancy smile


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Posted:Most fire types that I know are multi-skilled but they show a definate preferance for certain toys and specific moves. These are generally the toys and tricks that we are most comfortable with.

I myself am a poi spinner at heart but it doesn't stop me from spinning staff or diablo or any other manipulation toy (devil sticks are a bit of an issue so no fire with those)

At the end of the day we all have our strengths and weaknesses so we tend to stick with what we are good at and when your playing with fire that is a good thing.

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Posted:I learned staff and poi pretty much simultaneously. And constantly bought more and different tools after.

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Posted:I've been doing poi for a while now, and recently moved onto meteors. I also want to learn fans and staff.

I've found that learning one toy overlaps into another - I don't know form personal experience if it works with anything beyond poi/meteor however. In other words, I'd rather watch a poi/staffer than a poi performer because they'd have more variety, even without switching toys.

I think it was Miyamoto Musashi (samurai famous for wielding a katana and wakizashi - short sword - at the same time) who said he was so good at combat because he mastered other techniques as well - he was also an achomplished poet, carpenter, calligraphy artist. This information comes mostly from my memory, so it could have more holes than a sponge redface, but it still serves my point - he was an awesome swordsman because he pursued multiple arts, and didn't just focus on the guy in front of him.

End point, I reckon that learning new toys also adds variety in what you're willing to do with your 'primary toy' so to speak, other than giving you another way to wow the crowd.




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Posted:He alsoi defeated an enemy who used an extra long sword by fighting him with an oar.

I started on staff, I also use sword and I do devil sticks using my arms and staff but i predominantly use my rope dart.

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Posted:I started with poi in febuary and picked up a staff about three weeks ago which i really enjoyed. I have also started messing around with emteor just cus of the poi/meteor cross over in skills.

I definately think having a number of different skills at your disposal will increase your repetoir in all disciplines. Next stop is learning to juggle so i can try incorporate that into my poi. I think its just natural progression to try other things and then incorporate new skills into exsiting ones and vice versa.

Surely this is where a lot of moves and skills come from? Somebody seeing somebody do something and going "I wonder if I can learn to do that with one of these?"

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Posted:I started with Poi, then Staff, followed swords, stilts, ti chi, rope dart, whip, club swinging, fans, fire fingers, fire eating / breathing, chain whip I do find a lot of skills overlap, various things with contact fire and tranfers, I have had a cursory look at nun chucku and three section staff.




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Posted:A lot of the time, having skills in one area (ie poi) will help in another (staff).

I started off with poi, and it was what I predominately used. I occasionally picked up a staff, or hoop, but it was something I did breifly for fun, rather than something that I practiced a lot. Recently I've taken up double staves, and have been practicing them as often as poi. I also just purchased two whips, and when they arrive, I intend to be covered in welts from practicing.

From my experience, people typically have a forte, something that they're the best at, and work at the most, but often pick up different toys.



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Posted:As these skills are becoming more and more mainstream, with the help of video sharing, I'm willing to bet that the multi-tool skilled spinners are going to keep increasing. At one point (hell, not very long ago in fact) many folks didn't have ready access to view new prop concepts. Take a look at one of the video sharing sites now and you'll see that it's a much different environment now.

Like a good deal of others, I started with poi. At this point (almost two years into it) I'd call myself at least proficient with poi (in it's various forms), staff (single, double, contact), rope dart, meteor, and juggling (balls and clubs). As materials and time allow, I am exploring swords, whips, contact juggling, fans, hoop (hula, poi-ish, isolation), stilts, unicycle, polarm.. and the list keeps growing as I find more samples to review... but it's all due to having access to forums like this and, moreso by far, videos.

If anything, at least I'm never bored smile (tho my brain hurts often).

- Sui

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Posted:I can understand the sticking to just one thing, especially if somebody has limited time to practice. I think focusing on one thing better enables a person to really master whatever that one thing is.

My first two years of spinning poi, I deliberately avoided picking up any other toys because I wanted to get really good on was only after I got to a level I was comfortable with that I started learning other the year+ since, though my hoop and contact skills have improved, my poi is pretty much where it was a year ago, with the addition of a couple new moves that I never use. I keep thinking, if I hadn't gotten distracted with the other toys, and put the time spent with them with poi instead, my poi would be so much farther along.

I don't regret it though, I'm having too much fun. biggrin

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Posted:I think thats a good point - it comes down to fun and/or performance. Those of us who perform would probably take up a second toy to increase the wow factor, whereas those of us who twirl for fun would pick up another thinking "Let's see how much I can hurt myself with this!"

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Posted:yeah I stick to one thing like I married my first girlfriend wink

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Posted:i think if you learn more than one thing together it somehow helps you learn....does that make sense? i will explain myself smile

the way i see it is if im learning a new move with my poi, and i dont get it *cos i never do the first million attempts* then i will switch to whatever else i happen to be learning, for example right now its flower sticks. after playing with my sticks for a bit the new poi move sinks in and i can suddenly do it smile

i know im not the only one who learns like this. also if your in a society like me and darkness up there, then you tend to dabble at lots of things smile which is great, cos they all have similairties, and it lets you come up with new tricks ect smile

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Posted:For the sake of posting something... I started with poi and did nothing else for a year, now I have wands, staff, snakes, and various other toys I am going to start learning, poi is my fav though smile

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